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Avoiding Repetition

To save repeating myself, if you want to get in touch for any reason, please use the “contact me” feature which you should see as a floating blue button on the right of your display. If it’s not floating away on the right I’m sorry. It does sometimes have a mind of its own.

How do you select blogs for the list?

A lot are nominated either by their owners of by people who visit them. I also trawl the web to see what I can find. Then there are those who post blogs listing blogs they have found. I’m not averse to a bit of plagiarism. Then there are the lists of “blogs I follow” that feature on many blogs. Once a blog appears on my list, I look for their lists and add links to mine.

Will you include any blog in the list?

Well this is my list and I make the rules (that’s fair). But the rules have been devised and honed in conjunction with a lot of others so I hope I’ve got things right. I’m always open to suggestions.

Essentially I will include any blog which has something to do with gardening/horticulture/allotments and so on as its main element. A blog about wildlife which is found in gardens would get listed even if it didn’t mention a single plant. But not a blog about interior decoration which mentioned vases of flowers.


If for any reason you want your blog removed from the list, just let me know (and tell me why, please, if you don’t mind) and I’ll oblige immediately.

How often do you update the list?

I update monthly during the evening on the first Wednesday of every month (OK, arbitrary but it suits me). There’s a fair amount of work involved in grabbing and checking blogs and I’ve found that I can cope with monthly updates whereas I was struggling with more frequent ones.

I was also guided by statistics. I can see how many people are clicking on links to blogs on my list. It quickly became apparent that limiting the additions to no more than 10 a month made a lot of difference. When I added 20 in a month, those at the bottom had few, if any, clicks. People have limited time. So now I will NEVER add more than 10 blogs in a month. It works for those 10 who have a fair crack of the whip.

The order in which the blogs appear on the listing home page is random. And during the month, the order will change randomly. Which gives everyone a fair chance of being near the top of the list where, stats tell me, most clicks happen.

I’ve added a randomly selected “featured blog of the month”. Each blog in the list is represented by a number in the database that supports it. I use a random number selector ( if you’re interested) to pick a number. I then check the database to see which blog has that number and go from there.

How do I request an addition to the list?

Use the blue button and fill in the form. The crucial information you need to include is, in the message box, the URL (web address) of THE HOME PAGE of the blog. This is VERY important.

The URL for the home page will usually look simple with just a domain name whereas a page link will have some additional directions to a specific item. For example, my blog’s home page is “” but the URL of the latest article on the blog may look something like “”.

The URL you enter in this box is the URL that my list will use. The blog home page URL will continually update and so be future-proof whereas the URL of the latest article will for evermore return that article. So potentially, in 20 years time, anyone visiting your blog from my list will be presented with an article about greenfly that you wrote in January 2017.

Please note that because I will only add 10 blogs a month there is a waiting list. It may be 2-3 months before your blog is added to my list. For reasons explained above, this is in your, and everyone else’s, best interests.

Do you only include UK-based blogs?

No. There are already blogs in the list from South Africa, the US, Continental Europe and other places. I’ve had comments from visitors that they appreciate the chance to read about gardening in other parts of the world. So I’m actively looking out for blogs based outside the UK.

How’s the list organised?

Simple alphabetical order. I just don’t have the time to do anything else. Few blogs are about, say, just vegetable growing. So it would make the list longer as some blogs would be placed in several categories.

Do you write the descriptive text for each blog?

No. In most cases it ‘s an automated process which depends on a blog having something with “About” in a field title. If there’s no text beyond the blog title then my program found nothing to start with so, with a couple of notable exceptions which simply arrived in my inbox when I had half a pot of coffee left to drink, there’s a big blank space. Otherwise, the text gets truncated (max 757 characters including spaces and “returns”, subject to an “if” or “unless” qualifier or two) and I merely adjust the truncation point to a preceding full-stop. If your blog has no supporting description or you want to change the text, just send me what you want to appear there (max 757 characters including spaces and “returns”).


(Frequently Asked Questions Asked At Least Once)

Updated June 2017